A keepsake to last a lifetime

3d Life Casting or Raised Impressions.

3D Life Casting:

The actual life casting process is very quick, you will be asked to place your/your childs, hand or foot into a container which will be filled with a mixture (a bit like cold custard!) and held in there for approx 1 min. After this time the mixture will set and the hand or foot is slowly released leaving a mould from which the cast is taken. 

3D Life Casting Kits

If you would like to purchase a kit to make your own hand or foot cast or paw print cast kits can be purchased here.

Baby hand and foot kit or Paw print kit.

Raised Impression Casting: 

Casts are made by gently pressing your child's hand or foot into a really soft clay.

We then fill this with plaster to make the out print, which can be coloured in a variety of ways and either framed or left with a ribbon to hang it.

Appointments can be made either at my home studio in Basingstoke or I can travel to you (please see milage costs).

Although the actual casting is quick please allow approx 1 hour for your appointment and don't wear your best clothes! It will take around 4 weeks to complete the casting, drying and finishing stages of your piece. 

Please contact Tinytoes and Stickyfingers for more information or to make a booking

Thanks! Message sent.

Or if you want to do it yourself, try one of our 3d casting kits?